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Its inception dates back to early 18 century when Russia took these lands from Sweden in the Great Northern War. Being a monument of landscape architecture featuring original and copied sculptures of classical mythology characters, a former royal palace and a monument to the fable author Ivan Krylov , the garden is now a branch of the Saint Petersburg-based national art treasury Russian Museum. The park was personally designed by Tsar Peter in , supposedly, with the assistance of the Dutch gardener and physician Nicolaas Bidloo. Starting from , the planting of the Summer Garden was further elaborated by the Dutch gardener Jan Roosen , who was the chief gardener of the park tillThe Summer Garden was largely completed in

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Saint Petersburg Landscape Design Services

User account. For more than a hundred years, Saint Petersburg residents have wished to see an urban park on Vatny Island. Today, the city has a unique opportunity to make this dream of several generations of Petersburgers come true and create a new, world-class landmark on the Petrograd side.

Tuchkov Buyan will become the city's first park with direct river access and will offer new panoramic views of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Treasury ensemble, the Rostral Columns of Vasilievsky Island, the Admiralty, Saint Petersburg's drawbridges, and the Neva River itself. Thanks to the project, the city's green spaces will be united in a single, unbroken pedestrian route: from the Field of Mars and the Summer Garden via Trinity Square and Alexandrovsky Park to the islands.

Palace Square. Rostral Columns of Vasilievsky Island. Peter and Paul Fortress. Yubileyny Sports Complex. Summer Garden. Field of Mars. Michael's Castle. Alexandrovsky Garden. New Holland. Isaac Cathedral. Kazan Cathedral. Russian Museum. Church of the Savior on Blood. Moscow Railway Station. Leningrad Zoo. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Alexandrovsky Park. RF Foundation. The DOM. RF Joint Stock Corporation inIn compliance with an order from Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, and as part of the national Housing and Urban Environment project, the Foundation developed the Integrated Guidelines for Urban Development, a methodological guideline with recommendations on the development and realisation of housing construction projects in redevelopment or new construction conditions, as well as under planned construction on new territories and the development of open public spaces.

As part of the Guidelines' pilot programme, the Foundation already created urban redevelopment projects for public spaces in 46 cities, with an overall area of 1, hectares. Strelka KB. Strelka KB is a leading Russian company offering strategic consulting services in the field of urban development.

Since , Strelka KB helps cities develop their spaces, economies, management and technologies based on the demands of their residents.

The company develops comprehensive solutions for improving mobility, ecology and sustainability of the urban environment and the quality and accessibility of housing. Partner of the Competition Operator. The European University in Saint Petersburg is the intellectual partner of the competition operator, Strelka KB, in conducting the competition. The European University at Saint Petersburg was founded inIt began with masters programmes in the social sciences and humanities anthropology, history, art history, political science, sociology, and economics.

Today, students at EUSP can study in those six departments and in three international programmes as well. Within the University, there are 15 research centres in various fields, from the problems of law enforcement to humane urbanism. EUSP is constantly featured among the country's top ten universities in subject ratings for university research productivity by the Expert analytics centre.

In , EUSP received the highest score in demand for its research work. About the Competition.

The New St. Pete Pier by Rogers Partners

Connecting the proposed St. Kimley-Horn is providing full site development services—including civil engineering, structural, stormwater design, landscape architecture and transportation analysis and design— for this project. A challenge presented to the project was the lack of existing codes for parking. The stormwater filters through a series of bioretention prior to entering a natural pond. These sustainable water management methods create an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors while establishing natural habitat for wildlife. Kimley-Horn also completed a roadway design for a gateway between Beach Drive and the Pier Approach, which features a roundabout that will host public art and maintain traffic flow along Bayshore Drive while improving pedestrian and bicycle safety. Through sustainable site solutions and an enhanced pedestrian experience featuring various public amenities, the Pier Approach is a catalyst for economic development and definition for St.

Expert Residential and Commercial Landscape Design Services In St. Petersburg and Throughout Tampa Bay. Whether you have a larger property or a smaller yard.

Top Landscape Contractors in St. Petersburg, Fl.

From informing us of the various plants and grasses we had to spending an hour helping plan out our landscaping for our new home we were nothing short of amazed by how professional and kind ProGreen was. So pleased with our insect control service today. Dezzi, our service representive, was exceptionally professional, polite, and extraordinarily thorough. Finally, the quoted price couldn't be beat. I am thus far very pleased. Thank you! Kerry was a tremendous help on the phone with me.

Landscape design for "Bright World. Quiet Harbor...” Residential Estate (St. Petersburg)

Since our goal has been to create beautiful outdoor environments for our customers that increase their personal enjoyment and property value. We are dedicated to excellence, using only the finest quality products, construction, and planting methods that our industry has to offer. Our customer service is second to none. Residential Landscape, Irrigation and Hardscape Construction are areas where we have a special talent for unique design, innovative installation techniques and quality projects that set us apart from other landscape companies. Nothing is more important to us than our referrals because our satisfied customers entrust their friends, family and business associates to our design and installation services.

In many cases, a well-manicured landscape will increase the curb appeal and value of a property.

Landscape St.Pete

Whether you have a larger property or a smaller yard, a well planned landscape design can transform your outdoor space into one that you can be proud of and enjoy. Our landscape designers are familiar with the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay areas and understand the right plantings for this area. No matter whether you are looking for sod installation, a drought friendly landscape or xeriscaping, creating a landscape design plan from the start can help you understand what the final results will look like instead of just sticking things in the ground at random. By having a plan in place your trees, shrubs, flowers and other plantings will grow and bloom according to your plan.

Landscaping Tampa St. Pete Area

Landscaping can significantly increase the value of your property. Natural Green has been providing Lawn spraying services for over 10 years. This has allowed us to become experts in which grasses thrive in Florida and which turf species will fit your specific needs. After we have installed your turf, our professional technicians will keep your grass green with our irrigation and fertilization programs. It can help the environment and save you money in the long run. Most people think Xeriscaping means always looking like a desert. Our motto for landscaping is: "See it before you get it".

New landscape installation at a home in Northeast St. Pete. Landscape Design & Installation. Work with our team of creative designers and expert craftsmen to.

Glazer Family Playground at the St. Pete Pier™

Angular and lean, the new St. Pete Pier in St. Petersburg, Florida, folds its way for 1, feet from land to water.

Landscape Design & Consultation Services

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Architects and landscape designers from all countries are invited to submit their expressions of interest for this single-stage restricted competition. Applicants are invited to submit information about their architectural firms and experience in designing and realizing public spaces. Experienced firms should submit three reference projects in landscape, public spaces and revitalization of urban spaces. Young firms can submit realized or unrealized projects in the same or other fields which best illustrate the quality of their work. The jury will select 8 competitors of which 2 will be young firms taking into account the quality and innovation of the submitted reference projects. They will receive a detailed brief providing a detailed description of the task.

Phil Graham Landscape Architecture. Our creative influence is seen in the realization of thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces that include vibrant streetscapes, activated recreation places, inspiring cultural institutions, engaging residential communities and exciting mixed-use destinations.

Summer Garden

Dependable lawn care service in St. Get in touch with us today to discuss your landscaping needs with a local pro. You can depend on our experienced landscaper to leave you with a beautiful yard that sets your home apart from your neighbors'. Call us at now to learn about the lawn care service we offer throughout the area. If you need lawn care service in St. We're known throughout the area for exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and our green thumbs, of course. No matter how big or small your yard might be, we'll make it green and healthy ASAP.

Get a Free Quote 727-525-8097

Booth Design Group, Inc. Landscape Architects, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, has nearly 30 years of landscape design experience. Whether commercial or high-end residential design, Hunter Booth and his team of certified landscape architects and LEED Accredited Professionals have the experience that results in sustainable, long-term, low-maintenance solutions while developing landscape rich in color and style.


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