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I repotted the plant in a larger container, let it get plenty of sun on our deck, and keep it appropriately moist and fertilized. It is thriving with plenty of flowers. The tomatoes do not grow and the bloom just drops off. I have only one good sized tomato. Any suggestions? You must hand polinate your blooms by gently touching each of the flowers several time.

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Tropical High Elevation House

Wednesday, April 3, Hyacinth Lover. They specialize in heirloom bulbs, even telling a little bit of history about the where's, when's and why's of how these lovely flowers got their start. Thursday, March 14, An Extraordinary Poinsettia. I think these variegated reds and greens are just gorgeous. Have you been having trouble sleeping? Well, you came to the right blog! This post should knock you out Just kidding. Well, maybe not. Of all the flowers in the world that I could be yapping about today, I imagine I'm the only one who cares about a Poinsettia so long after the holidays.

But, this is no ordinary Poinsettia. I've had her for several years. And, I'm just fascinated with her. I guess the conditions in my home are perfect because she turns red without all the hoo ha. And, if you screw up that regimen even once, you have to start all over again. I suppose I would have to follow those rules if I wanted a solid red plant. But, this one doesn't get any of that special treatment.

She lives in a south facing window and right about the middle of March I'm grooming mine to be an indoor tree in the sunny room. Monday, March 11, Monday's Mystery. I think this is a Blue Rose Echeveria succulent but if you have other ideas, please let me know.

This is the pretty little wrist corsage that I wore to my darling daughter's wedding in September,It laid on the table in my bedroom for about a month after the big day. Had it been a standard flower corsage, I might have pressed it, and dried it, to keep it forever. But, it was a pudgy little succulent. A rubbery rose, if you will. And, I didn't know what to do with it. I noticed how she was trying ever so hard to survive. Thursday, February 28, Cowgirl Dreams. In 2 short weeks we'll be riding our happy horses through the Arizona backcountry.

Ah, 'twas a glorious day. Up at dawn, working like a little fiend on the kinds of freelance projects that I truly love. Promptly at one, I scooted outta that office, embarking on a premeditated playing hooky kind of afternoon. In two short weeks, we're off to Arizona, on our first trail ride of the season!

The horsies are as restless as I am. Wild enough that I solicited help from a friend to calm them down. Thunder Still sporting thick winter coats, caked with layers of mud. No need to photograph that mess!

In desperate need of a bath, though I doubt the weather will warm enough for me to make that happen. And, that's okay. We'll go ugly. Just as long as we get to go. I am sooooo excited for this escape to Arizona. Where it's summer! And, with any luck the cactus will be blooming! Tuesday, February 26, Over Achiever Check it out! My Christmas Cactus is still celebrating the holidays Older Posts Home.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Look close! My hearty little hen has given birth to two chicks! A real live cowboy! Yet another fine reason to do these trail rides.

4 Serious High-Altitude Gardening Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Plants in high altitude gardens face unique challenges in terms of drying winds, intense sun, short growing season and frigid temperatures in winter. Some of the most popular perennials do well in the conditions offered by high altitude gardens. The following six plants are all suitable for Zone 3 or warmer at altitudes up to 8, feet. They were chosen for the long time they will provide color in the garden, some until the first frost. The plants are soft and hairy, and have dark green foliage.

Starting plants from seed opens a world of possibilities to gardeners of all skill levels. Many vegetables, annual flowers, and even perennial plants can be.

High Altitude Gardening

Gardening is a much-beloved pastime of people all around the world. Despite its universal popularity, gardening can be much easier or harder, depending on your location. High altitude areas often prove tricky for gardeners due to factors such as a short growing season, cooler overall temperatures, lean soil, and unpredictable weather. To successfully garden at higher altitudes requires extra work and smart plant selection. If you want to grow a garden in a high altitude area, you will need hardy plants that can function with a short growing season. Check out our list of 20 such plants for ideas for your mountain garden! The alpine aster is a member of the aster family and, as its name suggests, is particularly well suited to grow in mountainous regions.

High Altitude Grown Flowers

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M y life has been a high mountain adventure growing up along the banks of the Provo River. As a child, I lived next door to my paternal grandparents.

Welcome to Hartside Nursery Garden

It was incredible. But what is also incredible is the challenge of growing a garden at 8, feet in the beautiful Colorado mountains. The red flower above is Mexican Hat Flower. There are both advantages and disadvantages to growing a garden at high altitude. You have a much shorter growing season which means you have to plant at the exact right moment or you miss your window of opportunity. But those plants that get growing right away, look spectacular!!!

How to Grow a Beautiful Garden at High Altitude

Diverse, resilient seed for high desert regions and beyond! We look for varieties that have inherent diversity and are easily adaptable. Find out more about the farm. We are always looking for varieties that will thrive and that will tantalize the taste buds! Providing quality seed adapted to the unique conditions of the high mountain and desert bioregions. Growing something, eating it with loved ones, and saving seed builds connection. Connection with land, soil, water, life, death, culture, and those that grow our food forge humanities common core.

Lamb's ear Stachys byzantina.

Above and Beyond: Best Annuals for High-Altitude Gardening

Seeing all of the wildflowers bloom easily falls under my yearly highlights. If I could bring them all home, I would! Instead, here are a few of the best plants and flowers to add to your high altitude garden this season.

Colorado Landscaping: High-Altitude Gardening 101

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Beardtongue Penstemons spp. They are adapted from a Rocky Mountain chain and come in a wide range of colors, shapes, plant types and bloom times. Penstemons will produce dozens of tubular flowers arranged on a tall stalk. The flowers color will range from lavender to salmons to white. Most varieties will grow in full sun with well drained soil and are very adaptable to New Mexico. They will attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

Short growing seasons and extremely cold winter weather can limit what plants can be grown at high altitudes. Annuals must complete their life cycle before the end of the growing season, while perennials and shrubs must be able to bloom quickly and survive the long winter.

The family run nursery was established in and specialises in propagating, growing and selling some of the rarely offered hardy plants from around the world. We have something for everyone, from the beginner to the specialist. Please keep an eye on our latest tweets to see Photos and offers of seasonal plants and choice plants to enjoy later in the year. View and download our latest catalogue here. A woodland species which prefers a damp garden spot. Continue Reading. A wonderful and showy, but fairly easy hybrid, Primula whitei x Primula edgeworthii which is rarely offered for sale.

By Aisling Irwin. Suited to scaling peaks. Plants have been found growing at a record-breaking height of metres above sea level for the first time.

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