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Aeonium , the tree houseleeks , is a genus of about 35 species of succulent , subtropical plants of the family Crassulaceae. Many species are popular in horticulture. The succulent leaves are typically arranged on a basal stem, in a dense, spreading rosette. A feature which distinguishes this genus from many of its relatives is the manner in which the flowers bear free petals, and are divided into 6 or 12 sections. Each rosette produces a central inflorescence only once, and then dies back though it will usually branch or offset to produce ensuing rosettes.

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Aeonium care in winter uk

Description: This hybrid is the largest of the atro Aeoniums and sibling of aeonium "Voodoo", it has a different growth form than the original cultivar as it offsets from the base every winter. The original cultivar only offsets mid stem on to 3 offsets in its lifetime. This plant is very large in the ground requiring a large clearance to grow.

The leaves are large and dark over summer and the main rosettes form a massive flower head being 50 cm in height. Soil and water: Water infrequently during winter and spring plant in a well-drained soil with a composted loam. Water in a pot regularly in winter and spring. It may go dormant in summer and do not need water in normal conditions. Care: Remove dead material and flower heads when they are finished at the base of stem as well s dead material beneath the plant to prevent stem rot.

Propagation: Stem cutting, leaf, seed is viable but easier to propagate from cuttings. Only red should be picked out as the green seedlings should be discarded. Uses: This plant is a landscaping plant they can give contrast to the garden. It can be planted as a specimen or as a mass planting, It can be planted in a large pot for an ornamental. It also can be used in floral arrangements as well as the flower heads.

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Place it in a warmer position. Once plant is established do not water often in winter. Good and happy growing from Succulents Australia plants will need watering only once or twice every month or two during the winter months. For good plant health is added a small amount of Dolomite Lime to our potting mix as it is full of minerals and trace elements.

The best-looking succulents are grown in good light with minimal fertiliser and with just enough water for slow growth. This is when they exhibit their best form, shape, and colour. Pot them up into a DRY potting mix and then let them sit for a week or so without being watered or until new roots have grown. Place your pots in an airy environment, warmer and bright location, protect it from direct sunlight and frost.

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No refunds or cancelation will be applied for this case. Shopping Cart. Aeonium Cyclops. Photo taken in March displayed in a mm pot Family: Crassulaceae Genus: Aeonium Species: Aeonium undulatum x Aeonium arboreum zwartkop Common name: Cyclops or Giant red aeonium Origin: California - USA Description: This hybrid is the largest of the atro Aeoniums and sibling of aeonium "Voodoo", it has a different growth form than the original cultivar as it offsets from the base every winter.

Flower: Flower is a yellow undulatum flower cone. Height and spread: 1. Please Note All plants are posted bare rooted without pots or potting mix. You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture. Colours of plants may change according to the season or day length also, plants will arrive slight drying upon packing and may possibly look slightly different than photo. All orders placed from the 8th of December to the 4th of January will be processed and picked in the first week of January 3rd-8th.

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Aeonium cyclops

Lead time on all orders right now weeks. All current orders will be held till then. Aeonium Cyclops is one of the hybrid results of crossing Aeonium arboretum Zwartkop with Aeonium undulatum by Jack Catlin an eminent California horticulturist. Here in Santa Barbara California plant in full sun to light shade elsewhere inland plant in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. The soil should be well drained and irrigate occasionally. Aeonium Cyclops is cold hardy to 30 degrees F. Agave americana Marginata L.

Let's take a closer look at these flower-like plants. All About Growing Aeonium. In this Post We'll Cover: All About.

Aeonium ‘Voodoo’

These Aeonium arboreum care tips cover you for both climates. They do great in containers! Time to serve up more succulent love. Some sold as Aeonium arboreums are actually hybrids so you may never know which 1 you have. Mine can labeled as Aeonium arboreum and Aeonium arboreum autropurpureum say that 3 times fast! Regardless, the care is the same. This post and video are about growing Aeonium arboreums in containers outdoors. You may want to read this if yours spends the warmer months outside.

Gardening 101: Aeoniums

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Aeonium 'Cyclops' [limited] [shipping issues]

Members of the Crassulaceae family, they have rosettes of glossy, waxy leaves and range in height from a few centimetres to up to a metre. In late winter or spring they may produce clusters of tiny flowers but they are mostly grown for their distinctive, unusual shapes and foliage that comes in shades of green or purple-black or variegated in shades of white, yellow and red. Aeoniums make excellent, low maintenance house plants that need very little care. They thrive on neglect — allowing the soil to dry out in between watering will make the colours more vibrant and the plant stronger. They look great grown with other succulents or cacti that thrive in similar growing conditions.

Aeonium Cyclops ‘Giant Red Aeonium’

One of the easiest of all of the succulents to grow Aeonium arboreum can reach over 1 metre in height with multiple stems, and a mature specimen creates a great sculptural plant. Native to the Canary Islands and areas around the Mediterranean this is a large growing succulent that can form small shrub over time. The foliage is green, held in a large round rosette, flowers are a clear yellow and will appear from winter to spring. Flowers appear on individual stems as the plant ages, after flowering that stem will die back, however the rest of the plant survives. Grow Aeonium arboreum outdoors in a sunny to part shaded position either in the ground or in a container. You can also grow it indoors however good light is required.

Giant Aeonium Cyclops Succulent Plant. We include plant care instructions with your shipment and they can also be found on our website.

How to grow aeoniums

I just walked through my gardens and counted 20 types of aeoniums. There are kiwis, Cyclops, zwartkops, haworthii, velour, arboreum, canariense, lindleyi, undulatum, gomerense and decorum to name a few. Aeoniums come mainly from the Canary Islands and a few places in central Africa.

How to Care for Aeonium Arboreum


We have lots more on the site to show you. You've only seen one page. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. The leafy greens start as rosettes, then eventually grow into longer stems that host multiple plants. We want to know how to make your Aeonium start branching out as soon as possible. Keep reading to find out five things you need to know about making an Aeonium branch out.

As my echeverias and aeoniums grow, the rosette develops a long, bare stalk that lolls around unattractively.

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Even during these cold and bleak winter months, some succulent plants are going through their primary growth period. These plants should be allowed to rest during the summer months. When they are in growth mode from November to March keep them well-irrigated.

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